Goodbye Video

As you guys know, I (lil sam) have been taking pictures of and for Team Firewall for over 2 years now. But for a long time, I had no idea what to do with them. For a while, I had wanted to make a video edit but every time I tried to video a match we didn’t do so well so I stopped that pretty quickly.  Eventually, I decided I could just do the same thing with photos as videos and just edit them together to music, and this is what happened.

Pitt County Event recap!

Good Job Team!

Congratulations on making it past alliance selection, semi-finials, quarter finals, and all the way to the very final match!  Shoot out to out amazing alliance members Team  4561 the TerrorBytes and Team 5190 the Green Hope Falcons!

After a rough first day, we were ranked 32nd of the 33 teams at the Pitt County event. Sunday morning we were able to recover with a replacement of stronger arms. We were a priority exchange bot and played defense as well! Ursa pulled through in the end and earned us 30 district points!

Looking forwards to our next competition at Forsyth County in a few weeks!