Lessons Learned

Team Firewall 5607    Lessons Learned


Being a first-year team none of us knew what to expect from ourselves or our mentors. We really did not know what any of us were good at, but we did know that we REALLY wanted to build a robot. Everything became so real once we finally got our parts for that year. As soon as we did, it was non-stop go mode. At the beginning of our season no one knew where to start in the building process, so we drew up a bunch of designs and listed out the pros and cons of each. After finally picking a pretty decent design we started building and had two things going on at once, the building design and the electric work. This process went well for us because both teams were able to work together and put their work together after a while. Once we thought we were in the clear of problems we hit a massive bump in the road. We had about 2 weeks until final build day and we started having snow days at school. This became a major issue because we no longer had access to our robot. Finally, we ended up moving the robot to one of the team member’s garage. They had lots of tools and an amazing space to work, we honestly think that the last two build weeks we got more done than we ever did before. We went through extreme changes with our robot on the very last day; we cut our robot in half to fit the weight limit and changed out wiring around. When we asked team members to tell us what they learned during the robotics season. most of them said that it was a trip down memory lane for them. Here is what some of them said:

Jack (build manager and the teams go to CAD person)

-many CAD and modeling skills
-how to use lots of power tools
-lots of leadership skills, leading many people to do one thing
-how to speak louder
-stress and time management
-the logistics of how to make a robot
-communication/ control skills

Diamond (Photography and public relations)

•  I learned to work with others as a team
•  I learned to properly cut, polish, and drill through metal
•  I learned to be more resourceful
•  While hobnobbing (going and out and talking to other teams), I gained social skills I would otherwise have not acquired

Malcolm (Public relations) – Alumni 2015

•allow multiple days for unexpected problems
•plan thoroughly
•start coding as soon as possible
•have efficient teams/make sure each person is working on his or her task
•have some sort of feature or think to get people to like you

Simmy (The team inspiration and comic relief figure) – Alumni 2016

While at robotics I learned:
• Safety always first, when building the robot to always wear goggles to protect yourself from eye damage
• Cooperation, I learned it always better to work as a team so everyone has a part and no ones left out and also increases the chance for better productivity
• Friendship, even though you are competing against others you should never let feelings get in the way, and that you should make friends even with the people you’re competing against

Hugh (Arguably the strongest member, also tools manager) – Alumni 2017

  • Team working skills,
  • Metalworking skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Coding/programming and engineering.

Carson Jones – Alumni 2017

I learned many different things thanks to robotics.  Obviously, I learned how to build a robot – working with tools, designing, problem-solving, etc.  I also learned how to be a better leader.  I was elected to be a student leader, and I learned the responsibilities of leadership and how to work better with people, which leads me to my next point: teamwork.  I learned how to defuse tense situations, motivate myself and others, to be mentally flexible, and to make sure to maintain a good balance of work and fun.  I also learned a good deal about myself, specifically my philosophy regarding leadership and working with others.  Lastly, robotics also helped me build a better work ethic, motivating me to work harder, faster and longer for the sake of the team.

From all of us here at Team Firewall, we thank you and look forward to the next season!!