Student Leader Position Descriptions

President(s) The president of Team Firewall oversees all teams and captains. This role is designed as a project management role and helps the team on track. This person/pair helps gather the group with meeting locations and times as well as gather parents of team socials. This person/pairing has direct communication with our sponsors and out mentors.

Vice President The VP of the team is in charge or awards This person applies for application submission awards and helps lead the initiative to plan for awards that do not. This person aids in the management of the cub, and with whoever may need help.

Secretary Keeps track of who attends meetings and when. This person communicates information to all members of the team, especially council members. Takes the recording job of a general historian.

Captains (Build, Design, Electrical, Media, and Programming) This team leads the members of each subdivision of the team. These people project manage the individuals in each subdivision as well. These people should be examples to the rest of the team on how to do their job and of how others should act.

Safety Captain This person oversees the training of team member during safety week. They coordinate with out local fire department to make safety week happen. During build season and competitions, this person is in charge of making people safe and making sure all team members follow the correct safety procedures.

Rules Coordinator This person reads the rulebook cover to cover and understands the book to the best of their ability. This person is familiar with all of the rules for the specific game, as well as FIRST’s general rules.